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Entry-Level Solution
The SW-80 Series is the ideal entry-level solution for small businesses and home offices. As a stand-alone DVR System, the SW80 incorporates 4 Camera Inputs and highest quality components into an innovative design. The result is a cost-efficient solution that delivers reliable performance to meet your needs.


Professional Solution

The KR-63 Series is the ideal professional solution for users looking for quality-based DVR system. KR-63 series incorporates 4 Camera Inputs and provide 4 channels real time recording capability. This series is a quality-based solution that delivers unimaginable performance and high stability.

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Professional Color Camera
We provide a whole series of CCTV Cameras that can match different kinds of Lens or other equipment such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom Device.
Doom Camera
Fixed domes provide a popular means of monitoring a specific area in a more discreet manner than professional CCD camera. They also offer protection from tampering whilst preventing observers from detecting what area of surveillance the dome is covering.
Convert Camera
Covert Cameras, in essence, are a means of offering surveillance of an undetected or more discreet nature. Suitable for use in a broad range of internal applications, these miniature Cameras have been designed in developed to provide monitoring tools that are disguised in the form of everyday commercial and domestic objects.
Digital Video Capture

Digital Video Capture Card
The perfect digital surveillance recording (DVR) solution that offers remote monitoring, digital recording, multi-camera display & much more!