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VisionNet KR-63 Network DVR

Features Illustration

All the video files are compressed into 2.5kb per Frame that greatly reduce recording capacity compared to other DVR system.

And all the video files are encoded by Engine-K. Only S/W installed system can open.
By this advanced system, recording will only take place when motion is detected by camera. User can also adjust the sensitivity and area of detection. This technology greatly reduce unnecessary recording.
DVR System Built-in:
- Multiplexer
(Automatically Split the Screen into
1/4/6/9/10/13/16 monitoring mode)
- User can define the camera name or number to display on screen.
VisionNet's DVR can be controlled by other typical computer (with authorization code) through Internet. User can record real-time, search data, download data and even control the DVR system at home, at street, or at anywhere at any time.
As all the recorded video is in digital format, user can replay them in fast forward, backward; skip; slow motion; pause; frame by frame mode by Year, Date, Hour and Minute, and even snapshot the image for legal evidence. The captured image quality provides up to 400 TV Lines clarity and 640x480 or 384x288 resolution. Frame rate can be adjusted from 25 to 1/60 fps. With this standard, image quality is much more clear and smooth than traditional VHS system.
VisionNet DVR systems are standalone, it does not need to connect other computer, or peripherals devices to run.
Every system have to pass through our Long Duration Recording and Image Quality Tests that ensure system stability before delivery.
When system power on, it automatically starts all necessary applications and starts recording, monitoring and backup sequence (Optional), therefore, no other control peripherals device is necessary.
Internal Security are protected by different password and user account, Top user can manage other users' authorization to control each specific internal settings. User can also monitor the site with generic Internet Browser(IE 5.0 or above), that provides great accessibility to multi-user and multi-computer with different operating platform.
VisionNet DVR system provide E-map Technology that illustrate the layout of camera deployment and hence provide easy control to DVR operator.
Health Monitor can check each camera status with remote computer.

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