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VisionNet SW-80 Network DVR

The SW-80 Network DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a standalone system that operates without connecting to monitor or any computers. It is a maintenance-free system that captures video and images from up to 4 cameras, and enables simultaneous access to live viewing, playback and administrative functions from anywhere at any time over Internet.

The reason of success of this series is its stand-alone-operating-style. It brings administrative and management tasks to minimum. When user powers it on, it starts all operations, recording and transmitting automatically. If necessary, user can also access into the system by browser for modifications.

The SW-80 also provides smarter, longer and more secure storage of recordings with the following features which make this product unique among generic DVRs.

Main Features

Standalone Design: Unlike other generic DVRs, VisionNets' DVR do not need to connect monitor, keyoard, mouse or other control peripherals to run. It is a standalone design which operates automatically every time user press on the Power button, and stop operations until power is off. This revolutionary design provides a stable and reliable DVR system to all companies and users, especially retail shops, franchises, showrooms, small offices ...etc

Advanced Data Preservation and Circulation System: VisionNets' DVR uses this advanced technology to protect important data and to provide maintenance-free operation to users, this technology, which makes more efficient use of valuable disk space to preserve video recordings longer. By intelligently using motion detection system, it can differentiate between important and less important video.

MPEG-4 Video Compression Technology
This is a video format technology that reduce the capacity of recording speed drastically compared to MPEG1 or MPEG2. But the quality of the image is comparable to MPEG2 depending on Frame rate and resolution. (max. PAL:768x524/NTSC:640x480)

Split-Screen Monitoring
User can split the monitor screen into several different parts optionally for each camera to display. The main purpose is to let operator can monitor all the connected cameras at the same time.

Multiple recording mode
Multiple recording mode is supported. When alarm is on, the recording would be activated. This function is used in conjunction with Motion Detection System or alarm device to reduce unnecessary recording.

Intelligent Search and Printing Mechanism
Simultaneous Multi-channel Various Searching Function: play back, forward, fast forward, backward, skip, slow motion, pause, frame by frame, zooming up and brightness control etc are all supported. With this searching mechanism, user can review or print record with a ease by Date, Time and Camera information simultaneously with recording process.

Motion Detection System
The motion detection function is designed to automatically detect any activities within a selected detection areas, and to start recording of that camera when activity is detected inside the detection area.

High-Level Security
System provide Multi-Level Password Protection and User Login System to avoid unnecessary surveillance setting being changed. Also, alarm would be activated when video signal was lost. When emergency occur, video would be transmitted through Internet to center automatically. With all these function, the recorded data and the DVR System are highly protected.

Remote Viewing, Record and Control through Internet
User can view, control, or record the digital video which is capturing real-time by the DVR System through Internet. With this powerful and revolutionary function in the industry, user can see what is going on at home or at anywhere at any time.

Easy data management and use
Easy backup up recorded digital video or image with built-in CDRW or 3"5 Floppy Drive for permanent storage purpose.

Widely support for CCTV Cameras
Our DVR System support many kinds of Camera worldwide, whether they are CMOS type, Pan/Tilt/Zoom type or any kind with BNC interface.

Only products designed and built by VisionNet offer
5 times on-site limited warranty within the first year purchased
Responsive and knowledgeable Customer Service Team
Extensive online user resources and updates through www.VisionNet.com.hk

Typical Applications:

  Small-scale businesses:
Small Scale Offices (employee behavior/security)


  Retail Shop and Show Room:
Small retail shops (loss prevention/monitoring)
Showroom (employee/monitoring)

  Clinics and Pharmacy:
Clinics (damage prevention/monitoring)
Pharmacy (loss prevention/monitoring)

Ensure safety of children or elderly

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