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Does the AVerMedia product series support video compression? And how much space is needed for one day recording?
Yes. If there is no compression technology, the size of the output file will be so huge that be no use to any purposes. AVerMedia video capture cards support MPEG-4 and Motion-JPEG video compression standard. The MPEG-4 technology is the most advanced in the industry and it delivers approximately 5Kb per frame in size with 640x480 or 340x240 image resolution, whereas Motion-JPEG delivers around 10Kb per frame. Generally speaking, if there are little motion for a given period of the video, the size will be much lower. So it is hard to tell how much Hardisk size is needed for one day recording. Normally, we do approximation, the formula below is useful for calculating the maximum size needed for a given period of time:

Size of:

1 second 1 minute 1 hour 1 day

1 month

For instance, MPEG-4: 5Kb*[frame rate] *[60 seconds] *[60 minutes] *[24 hours] *[30 days]

However, this compression and design standard feature high compression rate with excellent image quality to the video surveillance industry, with support of recycle recording, system won't stop suddenly when hardisk space is used upz. That's why our video capture cards always stand out from competition.

What is Recording frame rate and displaying frame rate? And why are there two different recording frame rate for MPEG-4 and M-JPEG repectively?
The design of video processing unit of AVerMedia video capture cards are divided into two parts: Recording and Displaying, so any video processing tasks won't affect each other for better stability and quality. Generally, displaying frame rate is little more than recording frame rate. When the system is performing 24-hour a day recording, system operator can see what is going on real-time and at the same time, recording the motion for legal evidence or future use. The principle is assemble to traditional VCR-based system. Our video capture cards are designed and used for surveillance purpose. Concerning the two different recording fps, as both MPEG-4 and M-JPEG are supported, user can select one of them for recording. Motion-JPEG produce a larger file size than MPEG-4, but it needs little hardware resources because of assistance of CPU. MPEG-4 greatly depends on recording chipset on the capture card and little CPU resources. User should choose the appropriate recording method for their situation.

In the area of computer-based video capture devices, some products' displaying frame rate and quality are not always synchronized with output records real-time when performing recording. Does this happen to AVerMedia video capture cards?
Some TV capture card or other bad-quality surveillance video capture cards may bear this disadvantage. As processing unit of  AVerMedia capture card video is divided into displaying and recording, as a result, displaying frame rate and quality will not be greatly affected by recording process. For instance, MP-3008, it bears 120/100fps displaying and 60/60fps recording resources. However, please note that when the system is recording static motion for a period of time, when motion is suddenly coming, there is 1 to 2 seconds delay for the internal video adjustment of the system.

Which type of camera does AVerMedia video capture cards support?
Actually, it supports most analog BNC-interface Color or B/W video cameras in the market. From professional CCTV camera to miniature camera, we, VisionNet Technology, also provide a series of high quality video camera product line to our customers. Details: video camera

Record and Playback

What is the output format of the record? And where does it store in the computer hardisk?
The general output format of AVerMedia capture cards is DSS. This format features a more higher compression rate with high image quality then generic AVI or wavelet format. And only the AVerMedia application software opens DSS file. The main purpose is to protect the video from editing or deleting by third parties. This function is critical for the traceability, credibility and integrity which the court concerns. To the Remote recording user, video are compressed into AVI. Snapshot picture are formatted by JPEG. And user can define their directory for storage, so records can be stored at different partition for easy management. For easy backup purposes, records are written on a hourly basis. One hour one record.

Can I do playback while still recording and monitoring through network?
Of course Yes. AVerMedia video capture card feature Multi-tasking, user can multi-channels playback, backup, activate network services, browse website, or doing other general computer works at will. This is also the reason of success of this series.

Can I play more than one channel record at the same time? And does the record have time stamp printed on it?
Yes. AVerMedia video capture cards support multi-channels playback. You can play up to 16 channels at the same time for easy record previewing. Also you can adjust the speed of forward and backward playback. User can enable or disable the Time Stamp feature. We recommend user should always enable it because of the easy traceability proof.


Is there any method that the surveillance server can communicate with outside when emergency occurs?
Yes. For example, you are running a retail store and just installed our video surveillance solutions. You activated the Motion Detection Function to record any movement detected. At the same time, when motion is detected, alarm can be triggered, and e-mail with image snapshot (about 10Kb in size) will be sent automatically to your account, and phone calls will be sent out to your specific phone number (playing defined *wav sound file).
* Basic Requirement: Lan/ADSL/ISDN Internet Access or Telephone Lines

There are some video capture cards in the market that the recording frame rate resources will decline drastically while more and more cameras are connected. Does this happen to AVerMedia video capture cards?
No. The amount of recording frame rate mainly depends on the number of processing chipset on the board. Normally, one chipset delivers 30/25 fps (NTSC/PAL). For instance, 4 Eyes Pro, it provides 4 channels input and features 25fps recording and displaying resources in PAL mode. When one camera is connected, 25fps to the camera, when two are connected, each camera would be allocated to 12.5fps. As you can see, there are very little resources can't be used when more and more cameras are connected. For more information, please download our release note (doc).

What is Remote Manager Software? And what does it do?
In the aspect of remote clients, there are two methods: 1) Remote Manager Software; 2)WebDVR.
1) Remote Manager Software: This software is function-based and assemble to the surveillance software in server. It can connect to the server, record, monitor, modify the internal settings of server, and backup the records.
2)WebDVR: User can use Internet Browser to connect with the server and monitor remotely. However, there is impossible for recording, modifying or remote backup in the Internet Browser.

Which network protocol do AVerMedia video capture cards use?
AVerMedia video capture cards are mainly TCP/IP based, at the same time, they also support DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service). During practical use, remote client can type the IP directly or widely used xxx.dyndns.org.  In other terms, AVerMedia video capture cards support Static and Dynamic IP, and LAN/ADSL/ISDN.

What is the TCP port number for AVerMedia video capture card?
Actually, user can manage the port number setting in the applications. By default, WebDVR use port 80, Remote Manager use port 9090.

Can I block all network remote access?
Yes. As the application enables user to activate network services for surveillance purpose or not. User can disable the surveillance network services without affecting normal Internet access of the system.

For the landline phone calls out function, which type of modem do the computer need?
As the computer have to make sound call to other landline phone, so it needs Voice Modem. There are mainly three kinds of modem available in the marketplace, Data, Data/Fax, Data/Fax/Voice Modem. Make sure the modem you buy is Voice Modem. We also recommend some models from different brands in our release note (doc).

What is E-Map and WaterMark Verification?
E-Map: This function is used to preview and organize the camera deployment and position after the installation of your video surveillance system. The server software can load the map of your place into the screen, and you can add the camera information on the electronic map.
WaterMark Verification: As images in a video can be edited by Graphics Software from other third parties. These raise the security and integrity concerns of record. The development of WaterMark Verification Technology is used to distinguish the records from editing. Each recorded frame in the video file will generate an invisible unique code, if the image have been edited, the code will also changed.

Does there any other devices whether than video cameras connect with AVerMedia video capture cards?
Yes. AVerMedia video capture cards can be connected with PTZ control device, sensor I/O box, and audio input device. PTZ I/O signal decoder may be needed for transmitting control signal. Sensor I/O box is used to connect with burglar alarm, smoke detector, proximity sensor, infrared sensor or ......


What is the Hardware Requirement of AVerMedia video capture card?
The Hardware requirement is described in our release note (doc). We recommend Intel Pentium/Celeron CPU with Intel chipset, as the tested stability performance indeed surpass AMD platform. Until now, we tested intel 815/845 chipset, and AMD 761 chipset. As soon as we tested more new hardware, we will add them into the release note.

What is the recommended software or hardware platform?
We have listed the hardware compatibility list in our release note, but concerning the hardware recommendations, we have the following configurations:

Intel Pentium/Celeron III 800Mhz or above
Intel chipset is highly recommended
256MB SDRAM or above
SVGA, 32MB or above video graphics memory
40GB Hardisk free space or above
Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro Service Pack 4

Sales Services

Are there any ways we can see the monitoring picture quality and how more about how it works?
We devoted many resources and manpower on this website to make it more informative and comprehensive than other competitors. Dealing with AVerMedia video capture cards, we have set up demonstration server that every end users can log into, and see how our system can provide remote access capability. When it comes to Remote Manager Software or other further information, our sales executives gladly arrange for you, and user menu or other reference materials can be downloaded in our Technology Paper page.

How to buy your company's AVerMedia video capture card?
(For Hong Kong end users): Kindly call +852 24271026 sales hotline, our sales executive will arrange delivery, demonstration, and sales presentation for you.

(International customers): E-mail your enquiry or order quantity to the following address: trading@visionnet.com.hk And our sales executive in the International Sales Division will arrange the shipment, online demonstration, net meeting, and product enquiry affairs for you.


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