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VisionNet VPC series Color Camera

Product Family:  VPC-400N, VPC-480, VPC-420, VPC-380

The VisionNet VPC series camera is a universal video camera that suits different applications. This series gets high-resolution in PAL mode,  low illumination level, and match different kinds of lens with different focal length for easy installation and maintenance.

"N" stands for IR support
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  Main Features
Changeable lens 
User can equip VPC series video camera with different kinds of lens for different applications. For instance, Fixed/Manual iris for normal indoor applications, auto iris or Zoom lens for observing outsides or for long distances, Infrared lens for dark environment.                                       More about Video Lens
AGC Automatically Gain Control
The AGC function adjust image sensor allowing a subject under low illumination to be distinguished more clearly. However, it lowers the image quality.
High picture quality and sensitivity 
With 1/4" Sony CCD Image sensor, VPC series camera provide excellent image quality and resolution, achieving a horizontal resolution up to 480 TV lines, and ensuring excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB or more. 
BLC (Back Light Compensation) 
Strong backlight can often cause the subject of the picture to be cast into shadow. The BLC function automatically compensates for backlight conditions on the center of the picture to make the subject more easily visible by providing an improved level of object recognition.

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