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VisionNet Network DVR Whitepaper
  1. From VCR to Digitalization
  2. What is DVR?
  3. TCP/IP Infrastructure
  4. What is Network DVR?
  5. How DVR save your cost?

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Digitalization of Recording Technology
As the functionality, usage, quality and costs of VCR-based surveillance system no longer satisfy present surveillance needs and complex environment, that led to the development of DVR, namely digitalized VCRs. Since the introduction, DVRs are replacing traditional VCRs and sales are still increasing with each passing year.

Digital video surveillance is the latest trend and development in the security and surveillance industries. Customers are demanding more advanced surveillance systems for more secured and effective security monitoring. With advanced technologies and high speed data transmission, DVR system makes traditional Video Tape-Based monitoring and recording system obsolete.

As all the captured image is digitalized, the storage media were no longer dependent on tapes. Images are stored as computer files on computer Hard disk:

DVR System uses computer hard disk for data storage. Operator no longer change tapes frequently and hence save a lot of spaces. And the storage time is also significantly longer.

DVR system do not need Multiplexer, separate recorder or large storage space for tapes, this significantly reduce the operating costs.

DVR System uses computer hard disk for data storage. Operator no longer change tapes frequently and hence save a lot of spaces and labor. And the storage time is also significantly longer.

As all records are in digital format, user can easily back them up to CDRW, Floppy, or mobile rack. Also, user can replay records fast or slow forward, backward, frame by frame, zoom in or out, snapshot....etc

DVR is developed for replacing analog VCRs, all the standard are almost identical to VCRs. User can easily renew their system to DVR without technical works.

DVR provide multi-user login system, that enables system administrator to control access of other DVR operator, that ensure internal settings not being changed by third party.

However, a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), digitally records the video image so it provides clear image like a picture. It also has a function to record continuously so you don’t have to worry about the frequent change of tapes. With the easy distributed digital format, recorded images, video and audio are easily distributed and viewed at home desktops and notebook. DVR, therefore, is a video recording surveillance system for the next generation and it is growing very rapidly. By contrast, analog CCTV would be obsolete over time as digital technology takes over.

In dealing with small business, especially retail shops, showroom, offices, franchises, chain stores...etc DVR Technology do not seem to satisfy their needs, as DVR operator is still essential to smooth daily operation of typical system. The problem of labor and spaces are still.

VisionNet Technology, professional distributor of DVR, introduces the new concept of surveillance technology:
         - IP surveillance concept
       - Network DVR

IP surveillance concept

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