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Business Concept and Direction

Society trends have changed greatly, towards the present age where the focus has moved from quantity to quality, and which requires a new set of values. It is an age in which we have changed our previous conceptions.

VisionNet has been developing and distributing various technology on the area of visual surveillance technology. Through shops, events, and projects we have been making proposals for a more Professional Designed Visual Surveillance Equipments and Deployments. In the years to come, VisionNet will propose new concepts, information, and products for the 21st century, and will also provide professional services for businesses and existing customers.

When customers looking for a purchase visit the VisionNet Office, they can acquire fashionable products that have been well-thought out, and obtain proposals for a rich and fulfilling style of technology that
fulfills customers need and solves their various problems.

Product Line:

VisionNet SW-80 Network DVR VisionNet KR-63 Network DVR VisionNet
 Video Camera
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