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VisionNet KR-63 Network DVR

KR-63 Series DVR Recorder is not only standalone and network based, it actually deliver astonishing result in quality and speed. It provides recording speed up to 100Frame/second, this makes 4 real-time recordings possible, and also providing expandability of 16 Cameras inputs.

KR-63 combined the most advanced features of DVR system in the world
  Digital Watermark Technology - Avoid illegal modification of records
  Engine-K Encoding Compression- Avoid illegal replay or access to records.


   Storage Buffer - 80/120GB

   Dimension (WxDxH)
            432x 453x 177mm
   Storage Buffer - 80/120GB
                        in RAID mode
   Dimension (WxDxH)
                 200x 500x 430mm

Main Features

  UP to 16 Cameras Support, 100fps Processing Speed
System supports 8-16 Cameras Input, with processing speed up to 100fps, so that real time recording and monitoring is possible:
 - 4 Cameras: 25fps per channel
 - 8 Cameras: 12fps per channel
 - 16 Cameras: 6fps per channel

  Split-Screen Monitoring [Built-in Multiplexer]
User can split the monitor screen into several different parts optionally to display all the image at the same time. The main purpose is to let operator monitor all the connected cameras simultaneously.

  Engine-K Video Encoding Compression
This is a much advanced video compression algorithm that greatly reduce the capacity of captured digital video and enhance video security compared to generic MPEG-4 codec. The recorded image or video can only be viewed at authorized computers with DVR software only. With Engine-K Compression, each picture/frame is compressed into the size of approximately 2.5kb.

  Intelligent Searching Mechanism
Simultaneous Multi-channel various searching functions: play back, forward, fast forward, backward, skip, slow motion. pause, frame by frame, zooming up and brightness control ...etc. With this searching mechanism, user can review or print record with a ease by Date, Time and Camera information simultaneously with recording process.

  Image Snapshot and Zooming
User can enlarge any recorded video image during playback wholly or partially. This function features great convenience to system operator to find and print out any suspicious image with time stamp for legal evidence.

  Multiple Recording Modes
Multiple recording modes are supported:
 - Continuous recording, Time-Scheduled Recording, Motion Detection Recording
When motion is detected by camera, the recording process would be activated. This function is used to reduce unnecessary recording.

  Motion Detection System
Motion detection algorithms are integrated into software automatically to detect any moving objects within a user defined detection area, and then trigger signal to start recording. This function is ideal to prolong the total recording duration and to check meaningful data more easily, hence effective surveillance can be achieved.

  Digital Watermark Verification
User can encode video record or image with Digital Watermark technology. This technology can detect any modification from the original one, this ensure the authenticity of image for legal evidence.

  AVI Backup Mechanism
User can also decode the video record to AVI format for more flexible and universal use. For example, backing up to CDR, remote viewing for those computer without DVR Center Software...etc

  High Level System Security
System provides Multi-Level User Login System, top user can manage settings available to lower users. This method effectively avoid system surveillance settings being changed by accident or illegal operator.

   Automatically daily operation
When system power on, it automatically starts all necessary applications and starts recording, monitoring and backup sequence (Optional), therefore, no other control peripherals device is necessary.

   Adjustment of Recording Parameters
Parameters of recording Frame rate, recording camera number, image quality, transmission quality to remote center, resolution, luminosity, color tone, brightness, synchronism, and compression screen quality can be adjusted for each camera to suit different environmental needs.

An E-map is a graphical overview of an area indicating the locations of the cameras. This feature is particularly useful during the installation of a new security system as site locations where camera installation seems most appropriate can be easily identified. E-Map also provides a visual grasp of the vicinity to users who are unfamiliar or new to the area under surveillance. By viewing an E-map, security personnel can identify the surroundings and rush to a location immediately and secure an area.

   Remote Center Setup
The software of the whole system divided into two parts, Site and Center. Site is installed at the server, whereas center is setup at remote computer. Remote center can login into site and control recording settings, remote recording, searching or downloading records from the site. This function is the most representative reason that Network DVR will replace VCRs eventually.

   Remote Control, Record or Monitor
The Center software can record real-time, search data, download data and even control the DVR system at anywhere at any time by online computer.

   Remote Emergency Monitor
Emergency Monitor accopanies with Center program to monitor the status of camera or motion detection signals of the site.

   Remote Backup Function
According to reserved schedule, this function will automatically backup on specific drive from a site. Operating personnel do not have to physically visit the site to backup but it will automatically do the backup based on setup schedule. This minimizes complication for places that do not have network system.

   Widely support of Video Camera
Our DVR System support many kinds of Video Camera worldwide, whether they are CMOS type, Pan/Tilt/Zoom type or any kind with BNC interface.

   Only Products designed and built by VisionNet offer
5 times on-site limited warranty within the first year purchased
Responsive and knowledgeable Customer Service Team
Extensive online user resources and updates through www.VisionNet.com.hk

Typical Applications:

  Mid-Large scale businesses:
Large Retail Shop or Chain Stores:
Car parks, casinos, sporting arenas:
Buildings, Banks, factories, institutions:


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