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   AVerMedia 4 Eyes Pro

AVerMedia 4 EYES Pro, stackable video capture card (up to 4 cards), works as the real time digital video recording solution and allows you to capture true color images and videos from 4 up to 16 cameras simultaneously (cameras not included). With the latest Motion Detection technology, once any movement is detected in the monitoring area, AVerMedia 4 EYES Pro automatically starts recording and triggers the alarm.








Product 4 EYES Pro (2x) 4 EYES Pro (3x) 4 EYES Pro (4x) 4 EYES Pro
Video Card 1 Video Card 2 Video Card 3 Video Card 4 Video Card
Video Input 4 channels 8 channels 12 channels 16 channels
Total Display Rate (NTSC/PAL) 30/25 fps 60/50 fps 90/75 fps 120/100 fps
Total Recording Rate (NTSC/PAL) 25/25 fps 50/50fps 75/75 fps 100/100 fps


  • Display Rate (Total): See chart above
  • Recording Rate (Total): See chart above
  • O/S Support: Microsoft Windows® 98SE, Windows® Me, Windows® 2000, and Windows® XP
  • Support Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras
  • Alert on event (Sensor/Relay/Motion Detection). Configurable for each camera
  • Multi-tasking: Simultaneous monitoring, recording, playback, and remote monitoring
  • Display Mode: Auto scan with full screen display under 1/4/9/12/16 cameras display mode
  • Video Search: Sort recorded files by year, month, date, hour, minute, and second. Files can be played consecutively
  • Event Search: Search recorded files by events (motion, audio, call out, sensor input, relay output, video loss, and alarm recording)
  • Intelligent Search: Using mask to search motions from massive recorded files
  • Multiple playback: 1/4/9/16 channels playback in the same time
  • Backup Mode: Manual backup and schedule backup
  • Backup Device: Disk Array, Tape Drive, CD-R and ZIP Drive
  • Alarm Messages: Fax or send alarm message to pagers, mobile, landline phones, mailbox and e-mail.
  • Regional Detection: User can set more than 10 different detection areas and detection sensitivity
  • Remote Transmission: LAN and Internet (via Modem/ADSL/ISDN)
  • Remote Manager: Remote monitoring, recording, playback, backup, Pan/Tilt/Zoom control, and Center Station function. (Up to 16 servers)
  • Remote Alert by phone calls, e-mails (with snapshot attachment)
  • Video Recording Mode: Alarm trigger/Motion Detection/Continuous/Schedule recording/Recycle recording
  • Custom Scheduler for activation of recording, network services, sensor, and alert event
  • Masking blank zones under recording mode
  • Motion Detection: Programmable multiple detection zones for each camera
  • Access control protected by passwords
  • Remote backup ensures data security



*Features are subject to change without notice


  • VGA Output Resolution: 1024X768
  • Video Compression: Motion JPEG / MPEG-4
    Motion JPEG ~ 10Kb per frame
    MPEG-4 ~ 4-5Kb per frame

* Actual recording file size depends on the amount of motions and resolutions.

  • Image Resolution: 320X240 or 640X480 pixels
  • Sensor Input/Relay Output Device: Up to 16 inputs and 12 outputs
  • Recorded Video Format: DSS
  • Recorded Audio Format: WAV
  • Warranty: One year limited parts & labor
  • Compliance: FCC Class A


  • CPU: Pentium® III 800 mhz or above
  • RAM: 128MB (recommend 256MB)
  • HDD: 10GB or above
  • VGA: 16MB RAM (recommend 32MB)   *with Direct Draw
  • Operating System: Windows®98SE/ME/2000/XP
  • Video Input: 4/8/16 NTSC/PAL cameras (BNC connector), Support PTZ Cameras (Cameras not included)


  • Video Capture Card (Each video capture card with 4 video inputs)
  • User Manual
  • EYES Pro Software CD (Including Driver, Application Software, and User's Manual)
  • 1 Year Warranty







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