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SW-80 Network DVR Surveillance Bundle Promotion

Free Delivery, Technical Support, Installation

We offer bundle kit to small businesses, such as retail shop, clinics, jewellery, pharmacy, showrooms, small offices.


The SW-80 Network DVR

The SW-80 Network DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a standalone system that operates without connecting to monitor or any computers. It is a maintenance-free system that captures video and images from up to 4 cameras, and enables simultaneous access to live viewing, playback and administrative functions from anywhere at any time over Internet.
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VisionNet Color CCTV Camera - VPC-420 (PAL)


Equipped with Sony 1/4" CCD Image sensor, it delivers high quality and resolution image to Network DVR.
And we offer CCTV lens with different focal length for selection:
2.8/4/6/8/12/16mm monofocal lens
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Video Camera Comparison
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CCTV Lens Selections
Cables and Accessories
Video cables - for 1 cameras (5m - 20m)
Camera stands - for 1 cameras

Typical Applications:

  Small-scale businesses:
Small Scale Offices (employee behavior/security)


  Retail Shop and Show Room:
Small retail shops (loss prevention/monitoring)
Showroom (employee/monitoring)

  Clinics and Pharmacy:
Clinics (damage prevention/monitoring)
Pharmacy (loss prevention/monitoring)

Ensure safety of children or elderly


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